8 Men Thorough

Jeremiah 33:3 - Call upon me and I will show thee great and wonderful things which thou knowest not.


That verse inspired us to bring to you the Christian Collection.


Our goal is to inspire you the way we have been inspired.  As with all of our products, everything can be customized including PHOTOS and more can be engraved.


All designs shown are just samples and we can customize per your specifications, including staining color, "blinged out," or any other customization.  We believe in every customer getting exactly what they want!! 


To get a custom cross, dominoes, vase, dog tags or coaster please submit your personal jpeg, gif or bmp files, or bulk quotes to us at:



Love Cross  

Stained in any color combination but shown with a pecan front and dark walnut background.  Can be customized to have any other words or even photos in the hearts.  This design with photos is ideal to show a family lineage.

2 entwined rings with hearts and the cross

Christian Coasters

Our coasters are an incredibly strong and crystal clear lucite that will comfortably hold an oversized cup, glass or more.  Any image, text or design can be made into a coaster worthy of your home.  Coasters are sold 2/$10 and 4/$15.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

Luke 8:25 Cross

Stained in any color combination but shown with natural front and dark walnut background.  Can be customized for any longer verses, inspirational phrases or encouragements.  This design is ideal for the Lord's prayer.

Luke 8:25 - Jesus calms the seas

Obama Cross

Stained in any color combination but shown with a cherry front and pecan background.  This cross was inspired by the re-election of President Obama and uses the verse I Timothy 5:17.  This design can be used for dedications for any person, event or anything else.

A Prayer for President Obama - I Timothy 5:17

Custom Cross for Name

This design is ideal for any name but ideal for a girl with a verse from Ruth 3:10 "blessing a daugher" engraved on the side of the name.  At the bottom of the name is the Christian meaning of the name or it can be any phrase or dedication.


Custom Cross w/ Photo

Click to see close up
Custom Engraved Photo On Cross

This design is ideal for a wedding picture but any photo can be engraved on the cross and heart.  This design can also be done with smaller hearts underneat to include photos of children.