8Men Thorough

8 Men Thorough

These products are one of a kind jobs that were ordered from us by a customer who wanted a product that was absolutely customized just for them.  Our 1 of a kinds include dominoes, lanyards, sports accesories, and a few other household items that give each house its own character.  Most products can be made to custom size and color also.


Some of the products shown may not currently be a product group that we offer on the site but we believe in helping our customers get one of a kind products and personal statements of their style.


If there is a product that you want and you can't find anywhere, please contact us at 8Men.  We welcome and invite the most imaginative ideas and concepts.  We will try our best and most likely make it happen.





Delta Wall Art

Soul Sister Art

Elephant Train Mantle Piece

Baby Picture on Acrylic

Bulls Lanyard

Butterfly Mirror with Little Butterflies

Engraved I-Pod

Sigma Crescent Wall Mirror

Engraved Oil Burner


Custom Photo Engraved on Mirror

Tabletop Masonic 

OES Wood Framed Mirror

Custom Pink Hand Mirror