8Men Thorough

8 Men Thorough

8Men mirrors we have shown are for fraternities and sororities, ethnic and some animals but we can make custom designs for individuals and for businesses. Even though they are only shown in clear mirror color, you can order 8Men mirrors in different colors and sizes also.  Our custom shaped acrylic mirrors look great in hairdressers, beauty salons, hotels, offices, hospitals, nurseries, schools, the list is endless. 


These personalized mirrors make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries etc... or, why not treat yourself.  To really enhance your mirror engrave a photo, text or a combination of designs.  Contact us with any special orders or if you need ordering assistance.


The mirrors shown are only examples.  Most any design or organization can be done.




Sigma Crest Mirror

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Kappa Crest Mirror

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Bulldog Mirror


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Ivy Leaf Mirror

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AKA Crest Mirror



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Alpha Crest Mirror

Fro Daddy Mirror

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Butterfly Mirror


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Omega Shield Mirror

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Dove Mirror

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Zeta Crest Mirror

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Fro Mama Mirror

Cool Joe Mirror

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Poodle Mirror

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Manhood Mirror

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Fortitude Mirror

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Delta Crest Mirror

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Sister Coleen Mirror