About Us - Est. 2003

Putting Luxury Within Reach

8Men Thorough designs unique products for the clientele that not only enjoys life but enjoys good living.  

Our custom gifts are for those who have a style all their own and want family and friends to enjoy their style with them.  We are/were inspired by art and life experiences that are not safe or middle of the road but dare to stand out in this world.

We customize all of our products so all can claim their own unique signature and individuality.  We have products that compliment and enhance the enjoyment of cigars, alcohol, one of a kind art and more.  

Our driving force is our customers imagination.  We especially want our custom wedding gifts to be the things that gift recipients talk about and enjoy for years to come.  

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact us about anything.  8Men would like to be your one stop shop for any ideas you may have or if you have that one of a kind custom job that needs innovative design to bring it to life.

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